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Pedal Steel Guitar Manufacturers

Steel Guitars of North County proudly represents the following manufacturers:


BJS Bars- makers of world class steel guitar tone bars

BMI Steel Guitars- well known manufacturers of fine pedal steel guitars

Buddy Emmons Music- terrific recordings and teaching materials from the master

Carter Steel Guitars - well known manufacturers of fine pedal steel guitars

Desert Rose Guitars- well known manufacturer of quality pedal steel guitars

D2F- Designed To Fit- manufacturer of quality leg and rod bag covers as well as covers  
       for steel guitars, amplifiers, and  pak-a-seats.

Easton Embroidery- supplier of quality embroidered steel guitar shirts and hats

Ernie Ball- manufacturer of fine chromed steel guitar bars as used by Reece Anderson and others.

George Lā€™s- manufacturers of fine steel guitar strings, world famous guitar cables and numerous accessories

Goodrich- manufacturers of the standard in volume pedals in the steel guitar industry as well as accessories such as the Steel Driver
      and Match Box

Herb Steiner- well known steel guitar player (Texas Steel Guitar Hall of Fame) and author of numerous high-quality teaching courses

John Pearse- manufacturer of steel guitar tone bars and strings

K and K- manufacturers of acoustic guitar pickups

Lace  Sensor - manufacturer of Alumitone pickups

Lemay Audio - manufacturer of high quality single spaced rack preamp and amplifiers.

LR Baggs- makers of acoustic instrument pickups used in Weissenborn-like guitars

MSA- manufacturers of premium quality steel guitars

Peavey- manufacturer of steel guitar amplifiers such as the Nashville 1000 and 112 and speakers such as Black Widows

Peterson- manufacturer of steel guitar tuners including the popular StroboFlip and StroboRack strobe tuners as well as the new  
      Sonuus  G2M Universal Guitar-to-Midi Converter

ProPik - Manufacturers of finger picks used in many types of instruments

Sarno- Manufacturer of premium preamplifiers such as the Revelation and tone control devices such as the Black Box

      and Freeloader

Scott Schwartz ā€“ manufacturer of the popular HSC preamp allowing user to get single coil sound form a humbucking

Shubb Pearse- Manufacturer of  steel guitar slides for resonator and lap steel guitars

Star Steel Guitars- manufacturer of fine acoustic and pedal steel guitars (by Mark Giles (Texas Steel Guitar Hall of Fame)

Steel Seat- manufacturers of well constructed quality Pak-A-Seats and the new Steel Seat Lite

TC Furlong- manufacturer of  premium steel guitar amplifiers such as the TC Furlong Custom Split

ToneAligner - manufacturer of highly sought after ToneAligner steel guitar pickups

Telonics Corporation ā€“ manufacturers of and the premium electronic   
      volume pedal with adjustable tapers, profile, off point, impedance, and remote sensor applications